Space for sustainable development: Copernicus - GMES and Africa Partnership

15th February

15.30 - 17.30 CET

Space for sustainable development: Copernicus - GMES and Africa Partnership 

This event, taking place within the broader context of the Africa-Europe week, commenced with an address from the European Commission, highlighting the excellence of the Copernicus programme and the importance of raising the profile of Women in Space. Earth observation, she said, could be a solution to our common challenges, like climate change and the health sector. These sentiments were echoed by Tidiane Ouattara, Coordinator of the African Outer Space Programme and GMES & Africa, African Union Commission who presented space as an integral component for the future of Africa, whilst representatives from the European Commissions DG INTPA demonstrated the long history of successful collaboration between Africa-Europe in different space projects.


The event progressed and participants heard about the variety of Space projects in Africa, being supported by the European Space Agency, the French Space Agency (CNES) and others. Speakers from African space agencies and companies underlined the importance of cooperation, and took the opportunity to underline the need for upgrading the available infrastructure if the African private sector is to become an important player in markets both locally and globally.

The event closed with discussions for the successful ongoing cooperation between the EU and Africa on Space, from earth observation to satellite navigation. Tidiane Ouattara remarked that this is a crucial moment in the space dialogue between the European Union and the African Union.


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Africa-Europe Week


The Space for sustainable development: Copernicus - GMES and Africa Partnership event took place under the auspices of Africa-Europe Week.

European Union leaders and African Union member states met in Brussels for the 6th European Union - African Union summit on 17 and 18 February 2022.

In the run-up to the summit, the first edition of the Africa-Europe week was a key moment to bring together young people, civil society and the private sector from Africa and Europe to discuss the aspects of the Africa-EU Partnership that matter to them the most. The Africa-Europe week aimed to strengthen the links that connect people from both our continents.

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