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Global Markets

The EU Global Action on Space is currently producing country-level market reports on different regions around the world. These reports are targeted at EU space businesses that want to enter new markets outside the EU or expand their business in existing markets outside the EU.  We will update the reports annually during the lifetime of the EU Global Action on Space.  

The reports offer, among others:  

  • In-depth analysis of each local space market, the knowledge of EU space components (GNSS and Copernicus) and their market development potential  
  • An analysis of market gaps and opportunities for EU space businesses at country and regional levels 
Feb 2022


Global Market Report Asia
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Feb 2022

European Neighbourhood

Global Market Report The European Neighbourhood
Read more
Feb 2022


Global Market Report Africa
Read more
Feb 2022

The Gulf Countries

Global Market Report The Gulf Countries
Read more
Feb 2022

Central America & Caribbean

Global Market Report Central & South America, The Carribbean
Read more
Feb 2022

North America

Global Market Report North America
Read more
Feb 2022

The Pacific

Global Market Report The Pacific Countries
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