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Translations are provided automatically. We apologise for any inaccuracies that may occur and recommend referring to the English language version if possible.

Apply Now for our Business Coaching service in Asia!

Business coaching services for the Space Sector in Asia

Space infrastructure continues to play an increasingly important role in a number of sectors, and we are seeing unprecedented business opportunities arising in the space industry and adjacent markets. Through the EU Global Action on Space, the European Union aims to support new space companies and public institutions in exploiting the untapped potential of the EU Space Programme through the free Business Coaching service.

The complementary use of Earth Observation (Copernicus) and position and navigation (Galileo & EGNOS) components provides a comprehensive set of space-based services that sustain the growth of emerging markets such as autonomous vehicles, unmanned aviation and smart railways. European space infrastructure also enables new ways of monitoring natural disasters and making resource management more efficient and sustainable. Among the wide range of free services provided, the EU Global Action on Space produces detailed market intelligence and reports illustrating the specific market needs of each target country. EU entities interested in accessing a new market can count on updated information collected by space industry experts carefully selected by the European Commission. The Asian space market provides an interesting case study.

This research has identified a growing need for cross-national cooperation in specific sub-sectors of the space industry, depending on the countries’ allocated budget and their practical needs in space applications. Leading nations in the Asian space industry are Japan, India and South Korea, while Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines are increasingly interested in further developing their space capabilities.

Cooperation in space between the European Union and Japan in upstream and downstream space-related industries is particularly advanced and carries enormous potential. The market report for the Asian region can help interested entities identify the stakeholders and the most profitable space sectors in the region to assist in engaging in fruitful partnerships. For instance, Japan aims to strengthen its Space Situational Awareness (SSA) capabilities; European entities are well placed to help and support the country in developing this space sub-sector thanks to their know-how and technical expertise.

South-East Asian countries such as Thailand and the Philippines are looking to exploit the full potential of Earth Observation to improve crop yield and acquire advanced instruments to face the growing threat of natural disasters such as monsoon-caused floods. Both countries have already signed cooperation agreements with foreign partners and could benefit from new partnerships with EU space organisations and companies providing applications based on the Copernicus programme and its data.

The EU Global Action on Space complements its detailed market reports with a wide range of free services, available to all EU and non-EU entities that meet the eligibility criteria. Once your company is successfully registered on the platform, a dedicated pool of experts will guide it through a coaching process featuring diverse activities such as webinars and networking events. Selected companies will receive individual consulting and coaching to find the most suitable international partners in the targeted regions and countries. The goal is to help establish international commercial cooperations.

You can apply to participate the Business Coaching section to benefit from our expert-led, personalized development programmes free of charge! Applications are now open for those interested with cooperation between Asian and European entities.

If you would like to read the market reports, you can find them here.

Title image - Credit: European Union, contains modified Copernicus sentinel data 2022, processed with EO Browser