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Global Space Market Reports Available!

The Global Market Reports will be updated on a regular basis until May 2024.

The first iterations of market reports developed by experts from the EU Global Action on Space initiative are now available. Seven individual market reports have been produced, to provide insight into the Space industry in Africa, Asia, Central & South America, EU Neighbourhood, The Gulf, North America, and The Pacific. If you want to gain a better understanding of the space markets in any of these regions,

Beyond the regional level analysis, the reports dive into the specifics of major space players in each region, aiming to support EU space businesses that want to enter new markets outside the EU or expand their business in existing markets outside the EU. The expert analysis will help companies to identify opportunities for expansion, as well as synergies with the EU Space Programme. Based on interviews and market research, the reports provide the most up-to-date context for space economies in the region.

Want to find out more about the space market in your region?

Find the reports here!