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Translations are provided automatically. We apologise for any inaccuracies that may occur and recommend referring to the English language version if possible.


Space solutions can address economic development issues in Africa. While the region developed limited space capabilities prior to 2010, interest in space has been growing fast: space interests in Africa are mostly on Earth Observation, in particular for drought monitoring and natural resources mapping. There is also significant potential for applications for food security, agriculture and cattle farming.  

Connectivity and broadband communications are other space-related areas with large potential in Africa. Most African countries rely on external partners for satellite connectivity, either by depending on foreign manufacturers or renting capacity from existing satellite operators. 
With over 60% of the African population employed in agriculture, Earth Observation applications monitoring vital resources to boost food security also have high potential for the space industry. The development of products and services to respond to natural disasters derived from climate change are promising areas for businesses and the research community as well. 
The recent EU space-based secure connectivity initiative represents the most recent opportunity for cooperation in space, an initiative indeed very important in support of the digital transformation of Africa. The African Union and some African countries are committing resources to the development of space programmes, with interesting potential for the EU and African space business ecosystems.  

Market Reports

Access the latest in-depth analysis of space market opportunities in the Africa here: Global Market Report Africa

Business Coaching

Register to the Global Action’s free Business Coaching service to access expert advice on how EU space capabilities can help maximise the market potential of your company in Africa now. Details and criteria available here.

Events & Outreach

events_outreach 24 Oct 2023

Event | Future EU Space Programme and satellite connectivity opportunities for Africa: added value of the IRIS² programme for local stakeholders

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events_outreach 26 - 27 Apr 2023

Event | The EU Global Action on Space at the NewSpace Africa Conference 2023

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events_outreach 02 Feb 2023

Event | SBAS adoption in aviation in Africa

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events_outreach 06 - 07 Sep 2022

Event: Current and future opportunities for EU-Africa cooperation in the Space domain

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events_outreach 15 Feb 2022

Space for sustainable development: Copernicus - GMES and Africa Partnership

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