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Translations are provided automatically. We apologise for any inaccuracies that may occur and recommend referring to the English language version if possible.


Space capabilities and market maturity vary greatly significantly across Asia: while some countries with well-developed space ecosystems have autonomous access to space capabilities, others have under-developed space markets that could benefit from EU space capabilities. The drone industry, the development of traffic management devices, automated driving or Search & Rescue operations could significantly benefit from Galileo’s services. There is high potential for the climate change and agriculture sectors to benefit from Copernicus services.

The importance of the agricultural sector in many countries and the widespread adverse weather phenomena affecting the region are increasing interest in Earth Observation for resource and disaster management, crop monitoring and food security. As the region’s economy has already benefitted from space-enables data and applications, the degree to which European technology can be utilized to increase the added value of products and services differs from country to country.
The most advanced and vibrant space economies of the region provide conspicuous opportunities for European space companies, specifically in the field of transportation and infrastructure management, where investments in GNSS-based systems for information are expected. Such investments will in fact cater to the needs of autonomous driving systems, smart road and railways, and real-time information providers.
However, the region also features developing economies possessing less developed space-enabled services. As these economies are ramping up their involvement in space, synergies between Copernicus and Galileo services provide unprecedented opportunities for downstream applications, as investments are expected to grow in precision farming and autonomous agricultural vehicles, natural and human-made disaster management, infrastructure integrity monitoring, and food security risk assessment. 

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