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Join the Global Action on Space

Improve your company’s visibility within our global professional network. Obtain access to target market insights, and receive tailored support for your company’s growth activities. Benefit from access to a pool of experts, and find new partners to boost your business’ global profile

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Who is it for Eligibility
What's in it for you Your growth opportunities
How does it work Process overview
Why global space Global Action experts pool

Who is it for


You should apply if you are:

Europe stars

EU Entities

An SME legally established and based in an EU Member State, and operating in the space sector or using space-based services

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NON-EU Entities

Any organisation legally established and based in one of the target regions, and wanting to benefit from the European space sector

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What's in it for you

Your Growth Opportunities

Receive tailored business support
Discover how the EU space programme benefits you
Get access to specific markets analyses
Obtain access to 80+ international experts
Participate in 50+ networking and training events
Foster sustainable partnerships and innovation
Conclude international commercial agreements

How does it work

Process Overview

Business Coaching Services

Apply for the Global Action open call
Evaluation & selection
Receive a notification that you are selected and register your company on the Global Action private platform
Participate in multiple webinars that help you make a successful and sustainable international cooperation
Participate in tailored networking events and find a perfect match for your international cooperation
Coaching & consultation
Receive individual support from the Global Action Experts Pool on business and technical aspects of internationalisation
Make an international cooperation agreement

Why Global Space

The Global Action Experts Pool

27 EGNOS / Galileo Experts
18 Copernicus Experts

The EU Global Action on Space gives you access to a huge network of worldwide experts that will provide you with direct support. In total 85 experts covering more than 45 countries will stand by your side and will help you take off. No matter if you need technical advice on EGNOS, Galileo, Copernicus, Services, or other space systems, insights in the global market potential for your service, country focused hands-on support or advice on business consulting such as intercultural, legal, or administrative aspects, the Global Action Experts Pool will help you grow your business. Join the EU Global Action on Space today and foster your business.

Open calls

Apply now to get involved in ongoing and future Business Coaching Services in your region

Companies approved for the Business Coaching Service will be notified individually and will be provided with access to a closed platform via email


EU Entities

Open from 01/12/2021

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NON-EU Entities

Open from 01/12/2021

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