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Mission Statement

The EU Global Action on Space aims to promote the EU Space Programme globally, and encourage international collaboration using space-based data and services in a broad range of domains. We showcase the diverse benefits that Copernicus, EGNOS and Galileo can offer beyond the EU, via a series of targeted thematic events in the different global target regions demonstrating the potential added-value there offered by the programme and its components. Additionally, we provide a range of partnership resources enabling EU and non-EU companies and organisations to work together within and beyond the space domain, to extend and enhance the application of the space programme for society’s further benefit.

Your Benefits

The EU Global Action on Space can support you with:

insights into
EU Space
Access to European space actors from institutions to industry
Exclusive access to training
Access to international market intelligence
Comprehensive support for partnerships and commercial agreements
Cooperate with key international stakeholders

Open calls

Apply now to get involved in ongoing and future Business Coaching Services in your region

Companies approved for the Business Coaching Service will be notified individually and will be provided with access to a closed platform via email


EU Entities

Open from 01/12/2021

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NON-EU Entities

Open from 01/12/2021

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News & Events

Stay up to date with all the latest developments and opportunities

16 Feb 2022

Video: What is the EU Global Action on Space?

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07 Mar 2022

Global Space Market Reports Available!

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events_outreach 11 Oct 2022

Event: The benefits of the EU Space Programme and 3SOS

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events_outreach 06 - 07 Sep 2022

Event: Current and future opportunities for EU-Africa cooperation in the Space domain

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events_outreach 19 Jul 2022

EU-Qatar bilateral workshops

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